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14.07.2008, 23:50
X-Plane 9.20 beta-6 is here Mac, Windows, and Linux!


When you run the updater, be sure to turn on the BETA option in the
OPTIONS window in the installer!


PS: This is mostly just a handful of new commands and bug-fixes...
have at it!

can view acf in wireframe and nite mode in plane-maker

no more nosewheel steering too far just because of high hydraulic

no more erroneous chaff and flare deployments

panel-editor in plane-maker ok for huge application res and huge
plane panel res

lo voltage warning comes on when the bus voltage is below the GREEN
LOW-END VOLTAGE OF THE GENERATOR, as defined in plane-maker limits

the electrical system (including annunciators) will function when
above the REDLINE LO-END BATTERY VOLTAGE, as defined in the same page

alpha and beta for flight-control systems properly determined, for
proper artifical-stability and autopilot functionality and yaw-string

speedbrake annunciator works, even if your plane has only body-
mounted, not wing-mounted, speedbrakes

replays now show time in hundredths of a second... needed to test
races at reno.

master caution and master arning not going off over little things any
more like flaps or slats or afterburners being in use.

manifold pressure model fixed: was indicating higehr pressures before
in some cases

joysticks should always be read in the same order, so the axis you
assign to not have to be changed from one startup of your computer to

speedbrake drag fixed

P180 panel won't be off-screen in panel editor

Panel editor won't crash while typing

old screen images no longer for a moment on startup

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