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08.02.2019, 12:11
I had a weird crash with the plane, been approaching at like 4500 feet and suddenly the plane started to lose speed. Full throttle didn't help, I just had a nasty crash.

have no idea why, but that's less interesting. Now what's interesting is that starting a new flight, in the cockpit, the zoom of the mouse doesn't work, the mouse cursor is always as if I'm about to tune a switch to the left or right (half circle), I can't click on any button or switch in the cockpit.

I deleted the 737 directory and put again a brand new 3.33 + the e patch. it didn't help.

any idea what's going on ?

This is a not uncommon problem related to XLUA Script hickups.

Load the default B747 and then re-load the Zibo Mod. This resets something and clears up the problem every time.

This problem can occur randomly and I experienced it for first time nearly 2 years ago. I have not had a recurrence of this in my sim in nearly a year.

As for your problem at 4500 feet with speed loss.... sounds like you were in rain or cloud in freezing conditions and failed to use your Engine and Airframe Anti-Ice causing you to ice up.