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12.05.2019, 15:58
Hallo Zusammen

Neue Scenerie von Oshkosh, Wisconsin, United States of America
Das Mekka für jeden Piloten.
Ich habe die EAA im 2011 besucht, und die Airshow geht eine Woche mit ca. 12 Tausend Flugzeugen.




20.05.2019, 09:52
KOSH Wittman Regional - EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2.7


v2.0.1: Added some groundtraffic, Added some Fisk approach detail back in along with editing some airstrips; fixed Ultra Light runway grass.
v2.0.2: Upgraded Waupun & edited other fields, editorial.
v2.0.3: Updated Vegetation
v2.0.4: Editorial, Added some people you may or may not know. See if you can find them!
v2.0.5: Editorial, nothing significant
v2.1: Added airfields WS46 J&L Aviation + 51WI Gallinger. Diversified some aircraft at KOSH, editorial.
v2.15: Fixed up ultralight strip for STOL competitions, Added start locations, closed marking small runways, Myers / Bennett field name edit, editorial stuff.
v2.16: Oops scenery misalignment issue corrected (thx StevePHL) - some Ground Service vehicles added. But keep in mind they're "smart" so will prolly clip things.
v2.17: And another oops. 51WI Gallinger got lost in the last update. Recovered it. Poor little airstrip.
v2.18: (One of the) Last update(s) for Oshkosh, for now! Some detailing around the grounds & at Bennett Field.
v2.2: Some new custom objects! And general improvements, fixes and editorial stuff, as usual. New libraries required!
v2.3: Fix at WI67, Simple replacement added for WI74 Pfaffenroth Pvt for possible FSEconomy use (airfield is long gone)
v2.4: Fixes/Editorial at Bennet, Pioneer, Gallinger, Waupun. Some additional editorial.
v2.5: Replaced Fisk Appr. Silos at Ripon, Updated Waupun, Added EAA Museum, Fixed sideways OpenSceneryX aircraft at Oshkosh.
v2.6: Expanded South 40. New Airstrips 50WI Earls Airpark & 0WI7 With Wings and a Halo. Editorial
v2.7: Added 13WI Nowatzski Field (Markesan), a few more objects in the area & more editorial.